About author

Sergey Novikov, 1979, born in Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russia. Live and work in Moscow.

He has an education of a picture and film editor. Since 2009 he is engaged in project photography. The main themes are the banality of the everyday life, the economy and culture of the territories and societies, the mechanisms of their functioning. Novikov's projects were exhibited in the framework of personal and group exhibitions in Russia and abroad. The author's photobooks were nominated for the Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles, the Photobookfest Dummy Award, the DOCfield Dummy Award, the Fiebre Photobook Festival, the Dummy Award Encontros da Imagem.

Publications and exhibitions of sports photo projects:

2018, September-November. «Grassroots» at the «SportFoto» group exhibition, lille3000, Lille Cedex, France

2018, October. «Grassroots» at the «Landscape in transition» exhiibition, Tyumen's Museum Complex of Slovtsov

2018, July-August. «Grassroots» exhibition at «Tsekh» gallery, Pskov

2018, July-August. «Grassroots» at the «Landscape in transition» exhiibition, Perm Museum of Contemporary Art (PERMM)

2018, July. «Grassroots» exhibition at Berthold Center, Saint Petersburg

2018, July. «Grassroots» in japanese magazine «Sekai»

2018, June-July. «Grassroots» exhibition at The Lumiere brothers Centre for Photography, Moscow

2018, June-July. «Grassroots» exhibition at «Vorota» gallery, Kaliningrad

2018, June-October. «National squad» at the group exhibition «The ball is round, the pitch is flat», VDNH, pav. «Karelia», Moscow

2018, June. «Grassroots» in brasilian magazine «Veja»

2018, May. «Grassroots» on RBK web site

2018, May. «Grassroots» in the Eurowings inflight magazine «Wings»

2018, March. «Grassroots» exhibition at the 15th International Football Film Festival, Berlin

2018, March-May. «Grassroots» at the «Landscape in transition» exhiibition, Yeltsin Centre Art Gallery, Yekaterinburg

2017, December. «Grassroots» in «11 Freunde» #193

2017, September-October. «East Stand» exhibition at «Smena», Kazan

2017, August. «Grassroots» in italian football magazine «Undici» #17

2017, July-september. Screening of «Grassroots» project at Atelier de la Mecanique, Arles

2017, July. Screening of «Grassroots» project during Night of the Year in Arles, Papeteries Etienne

2017, July. «Grassroots» book dummy at the exhibition Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles 2017, Atelier de la Mecanique, Arles

2017, June. «Grassroots» book dummy in a shortlist of the Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles, Arles, France

2017, June. «Grassroots» and interview on Spiegel online

2017, May. «Grassroots» book dummy in a shortlist of the Photobookfest Dummy Award, The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow. The second prize of the competition.

2017, May. «Grassroots» on PostPravda

2016, December. «Grassroots» in «The Blizzard» football magazine (#23)

2016, July-August. «Grassroots» at «Okolofutbola» exhibition, Metenkov's House Museum, Yekaterinburg, Russia

2016, June. «Ural's football by disposable camera» at Goal Click exhibition, London

2015, October. «Grassroots» in italian football magazine «Uno-Due» (#1, Post-Mundial)

2015, October. «Grassroots» on football magazine "8x8" web site, USA

2015, October. «Ural's football by disposable camera» on

2015, October. «Ural's football by disposable camera» for Goal Click project, UK

2015, October. «Grassroots» in «Ballesterer» magazine, Austria

2015, July. «Grassroots» on GEO

2015, July. «Grassroots» on Der Spiegel

2015, June. «Grassroots» on Buzzfeed

2015, June. «Grassroots» on The Guardian

2015, June. «Grassroots» in The Moscow Times

2015, April. «Grassroots» in «Decal» magazine, Argentina

2014, December. «Grassroots» in «Stand (Stand Against Modern Football)» magazine, UK

2014, November. «Grassroots» on

2014, November. «Grassroots» on the web site of the magazine «When Saturday Comes», UK

2014, November. «How to become the champion of a region («Elikort» (Gatchina)» on Russian Planet web site

2014, November. Book «FC Volga United» on «Sam izdam!» stand at the literature festival «White Spot», Novosibirsk, Russia

2014, November. Book «FC Volga United» on «Sam izdam!» stand at the Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

2014, October. Single photograph from the «Grassroots» among finalists of the «Photovisa» festival, Krasnodar, Russia

2014, June. "Grassroots" on Calvert Journal

2014, June. Book "FC Volga United", "I’mpressed" Festival, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2014, April. «Grassroots» on Afisha Vozduh web site

2013, October. «Grassroots» in Esquire Russia magazine

2013, June. Book «FC Volga United» on «Sam izdam!» festival, Tomsk

2013, May. «"Zenith" Vetren Dol (Bulgary)» in "Our Zenith" magazine

2013, February. «Zorky bandy fans» in Russian Reporter magazine, Russia

2012, December. «FC Volga United» on

2012, November. Book «FC Volga United». «Captured by a portrait», GuatePhoto festival, Guatemala.

2012, November. «FC Volga United» on LandscapeStories

2012, May. «FC Volga United» in Rolling Stone magazine, Italy

2012, April. «Znamya truda, Orekhovo-Zuevo» in Bolshoi Gorod magazine, Russia

2012, January. «FC Volga United» in 11 Freunde magazine, Germany

2011, October. «FC Volga United» on Lenscratch photo blog

2011, September. «FC Volga United» in Russian Reporter magazine, Russia

2011, January. «Frozen» in PROsport magazine, Russia

2010, January. Series «Famous amateurs». «Silver Camera» festival, Moscow.

Books «Grassroots», 2018, 100 copies, self-published; «FC Volga United», 2011, 50 copies, self-published.