Kick and Rush (2017) is a match-long movie compiled of footage found on the Web and depicting regional football championships games. The architecture of stadiums, the surrounding atmosphere, how people behave on and outside the pitch conjure up the chthonic image of provincial Russia. Swiftly replacing each other, but with exact chronology of a real football match, scenes from more than 200 locations show a panoramic picture of the Russian grassroots football. In this collage, we can also trace the moods of society an ordinary football fan is part of, the roles of stadiums as part of the municipal infrastructure, and the communication between the amateur and the professional.
- November, 2018- April, 2019 Wunderground Film Festival, Kemzeke, Belgium
- July, 2018 CCC Smena, Kazan, Russia
- June, 2018 Metenkov's House Museum, Yekaterinburg, Russia
- June, 2018 Grassroots exhibition, Vorota gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia
- June, 2018 Elektrozavod gallery, Moscow
- June-July, 2018 Grassroots exhibition, The Lumiere brothers center for photography, Moscow
- June, 2018 La Lucarne cinema festival, Paris